Calories in Cheddar Cheese & Nutrition Facts

Cheese is one of the most ancient foods in the world. It is a loved dairy product which is made from the milk. There are different varieties and forms of cheese which are being made from the milk. Cheese is a delicious food which is versatile and it can be used in a number of recipes. One of the most popular usages of cheese is in the making of Pizzas and fast food. Apart from fast food it is used in other dishes also. Cheese is readily available in the market because it is convenient and portable at the same time.

There are more than 200 varieties of cheese available which include Cheddar Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese or Colby. Cheddar and Mozzarella cheese are the major types of cheese. These cheeses are available in different flavors and different forms such as in the form of cubes, sticks, shredded and in other packing. Here I would like to discuss about the health benefits and mainly calories in cheddar cheese.

Calories in Cheddar Cheese:

Cheddar cheese contains a number of calories but on an average in depends upon the fat content in the cheese. Cheddar cheese would have higher calories, if the fat content is higher in it. The more fats you get, the more you consume it. If you don’t want to consume fats then you have the option to go for fat free cheddar cheese rather than taking regular cheese.

Calories in cheddar cheese depend upon its size and we can say that 100 grams of cheddar cheese has approximately 400 calories. When taking measurement in cups then one quarter cup of regular cheese weight 28 grams so it will contain 115 calories. Calorie count can be cut down using fat free mild cheddar cheese and you will be able to cut 90 calories in the same quarter cup serving.

Health Benefits of Cheese:

Cheese is excellent food for weight gain and those people who are having difficulty in weight gain they can consume cheese to get desired results. As we know that cheese is rich in calcium so it is good for bones and teeth. This food reduces the risk of osteoporosis especially in the post menopause stage of women.

What Vitamins are in cheddar cheese?

Many people ask this question and look for perfect answer so Cheese is very healthy for body and it is rich source of a number of nutrients such as phosphorus, calcium, zinc and important vitamins such as vitamin A and Vitamin B12. So in order to get calcium from the diet you can consume cheese. Cheese is good for you because it contains healthy vitamins and nutrients.

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