The Simple Guide of Nutrition and How to Stay Healthy

A balanced diet refers to intake of the right amount of nutrients that helps the body to function normally and to supply body with the adequate amount of energy required maintaining organs and body cells like white and red blood cells which carry oxygen that is a vital component for our body. Without a balanced diet and proper nutrition your immune system will get weak and will be prone to diseases.

A healthy diet or a “diet” is often mistaken as starving yourself, cutting down on all type of fats and sugars. If you’re doing this you’re totally wrong and you need to stop doing this at once. A decent diet includes everything in a satisfactory amount.


An abundant amount of fruit and vegetable but keeping in mind your medical condition, if you’re diabetic avoid beet root,peas,dates,a lot of citric fruits,mangoes,spinach etc. Consult your doctor in such cases.
Bread,rice,pastas- foods that are loaded with carbohydrates
Meat,fish,egg ,beans (kidney beans etc),substances that are non dairy and full of proteins
Dairy products (milk,cheese,yoghurt,cream etc)
Limited amount of substances high in sugar and fats (The good fats (Omega 3 etc), not the harmful ones as present in junk foods.
There are a wide range of diet plans or diet courses that include 3 days diet plans to diet plans that last for year. For example a patient with juvenile diabetes have a long term diet plan that they have to follow throughout their life, or the patients with heart diseases. Some people need to lose weight in a short period of time due to various reasons so they choose short period diet plans that they think work faster but truth isn’t what we think. Diet plans or courses that last for a short period to obtain fast results in real they destroy your body to some extent. Our stomach is a muscle and our whole body is made up of muscles, muscles fatigue easily. Punishing your body suddenly depriving it with most of the fats and sugars it is used to of having can cause many serious problems, like stomach ulcers as our stomach contains HCL with a very low Ph, keeping the muscle bag empty will make it walls prone to damage by HCl present in the bag (our stomach).

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This doesn’t mean that you cannot lose weight or overcome the condition you’re fighting against, there are a number of clinics and diet centres that will help you accordingly. You will obtain results that will retain for a longer period of time as no stress eating will be involved.
Your daily diet plans vary according to your condition:

Pregnant women and Healthy Diet:

· 5 fresh serving of fruits and vegetable

· 6 serving of bread and cereals loaded with whole grains

2-3 servings of extra-lean meats
Chicken (It’s better if you have it without skin)
Fish; the ultimate protein stack or cooked dried beans and peas you may add a little taste by combining it with green vegetables like spinach etc.
7-8 glasses of water (sip it down slowly)
. Weight loss plans; what to eat to loose weight and make that muffin top vanish

· Black beans,kidney beans,chick peas and lentils; a bowl of it will be healthy, full of proteins and filling.

· Oats; it a healthy form of carbohydrate that initiates faster metabolism and helps burn fats.

· Avocados; they will make your belly fat melt away.

· Salmon; the right fat and a much better option than red meat

· Almonds.

· 5 cups of green tea daily.

· Blueberries; a cup of it only contains 8 calories.

· Brown rice and pears : rich fiber content, the right amount you need.

· Grape fruit: It is filling, rich in protein and helps digest fat.

· Bananas: It is full of calcium and proteins

· Egg for breakfast will make you lose double the amount of weight than before.

· Dark chocolate; you may use it in smoothies with low fat milk.

· Fresh goat cheese, potatoes: Lesser amounts of them are more filling than white bread.

How to gain weight?

· Red meat

· Peanut butter or even butter

· Whole fat-cream milk

· Mangoes, papayas (tropical fruits)

· Vegetable oils

· Nuts or dried fruits

· Cheese

· Dairy plays and important part in gaining weight so grab onto it.

· Heavy milk shakes like mango milk shakes

People at work:

2 slices whole-wheat bread with 2tsp each of low-fat spread and honey.


1 cup skimmed milk coffee, 1 banana and a low sugar cereal bar.


6tbsp bran flakes/whole wheat cereal with 1tbsp raisins/blueberries or raspberries and skimmed milk.

A bowl of salad topped with 1 sliced skinless chicken breast and fat-free dressing OR you may even have a sandwich or a wrap with no fatty sauces.

Grilled or roasted vegetables or grilled chicken with vegetables or grilled fish, no dressing should be included.

Diet for diabetics:

Avoid carbonated drinks
Avoid processed or packaged foods
Cut down on sugars, add sugar yourself instead of buying sweetened stuff
Eat small meals every 2 hours
Eat healthy sugars, like blend a small amount of frozen bananas or berries instead of having ice-creams, cookies or pastries.
Eating healthy is easy if you just keep the diet chart in your mind and avoid the things that don’t fit in the chart.

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