These Captivating Vegetable and Fruit Facts Will Make You Think All Over Again

  1. Bananas:
    They are one of the most favorite fruit of america.
    The smell of banana can suppress your appetite which means it can make you eat less and stop your cravings.
    Bananas can make you feel content and happy, now you know how to control your mood swings.
    Bananas are a great source of fuel, this is the reason why most of the athletes love them.
    They make you feel fuller for a longer time as one banana has 3 GRAMS of fiber.
    Bananas are an excellent source of vitamin C, if you don’t like citric fruits you can replace them with bananas as one banana consists of 15% of the daily required vitamin C.
  1. The mode doesn’t matter when you’re eating healthy:
    There are myths that frozen vegetable aren’t healthy and they donot have nutrients.
    This statement is totally unrealistic and over exagerated.
    Even frozen vegetables have all those nutrients that your body wants.
  2. Did you know you’ve been eating cyanide and other toxins?
    Some fruits and vegetables consists of toxins
    Apples,apricots and peaches contains a little amount of cyanide
    Potatoes also contains a few toxins.
    Next time donot throw away the skin, apples,cucumbers,carrots,tomatoes and even the orange peels, most of the fruits and vegetables have the large amount of their nutrition present in their skin.
    If you’re on medications, consult your doctor before having a grape fruit, it may cause bad unhealthy reactions inside your body.
    Instead of a coffee in the morning grab an apple, apple is caffeine free, gives you much more energy and doesn’t cause acne or any sort of scars.
    Before eating a pineapple, keep it in your fridge for a while so it’s enzymes could denature, as the enzymes it contains can digest proteins in your mouth like your taste buds!
  4. ONIONS:
    Onions fight against osteoporosis for a woman who goes through menopause.
    Onions can fight against serious diseases like cancer.
    Placing an onion on an insect bite can actually heal it!
    Onions might give you an energy boost as well
    Other facts that you were unaware of:

Kiwi contains twice as much vitamin C than an orange.
If you’re looking for an easy way to lose way and prevent diabetes, grab a grapefruit in the morning.
Lychee seeds are poisonous so you should never ever gulp them down!
Fruits that are red in color can help you keep your heart stronger.
Blue and purple fruits, helps you retain things for a longer time improving your memory.
Yellow fruits aids in fighting against diseases, preventing illness.
Eating Green fruits make your bones and even your teeth much more stronger.

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